Currently, iloog contains 981 packages.

Category/Name Installed versions Description
app-admin/eselect 1.0.10 Modular -config replacement utility
app-admin/eselect-blas 0.1 BLAS module for eselect
app-admin/eselect-cblas 0.1 C-language BLAS module for eselect
app-admin/eselect-lapack 0.1 LAPACK module for eselect
app-admin/eselect-opengl 1.0.5 Utility to change the OpenGL interface being used
app-admin/eselect-vi 1.1.5 Manages the /usr/bin/vi symlink
app-admin/gamin 0.1.9 Library providing the FAM File Alteration Monitor API
app-admin/localepurge 0.5.2 Script to recover diskspace wasted for unneeded locale files and localized man pages.
app-admin/perl-cleaner 1.04.3 User land tool for cleaning up old perl installs
app-admin/php-toolkit 1.0-r2 Utilities for managing installed copies of PHP
app-admin/powertweak 0.99.5-r1 Tune your kernel and hardware settings for optimal performance
app-admin/python-updater 0.2 Script used to remerge python packages when changing Python version.
app-admin/sudo 1.6.8_p12-r1 Allows users or groups to run commands as other users
app-admin/superadduser 1.0.9 Interactive adduser script from Slackware
app-admin/syslog-ng 2.0.6 syslog replacement with advanced filtering features
app-admin/sysstat 8.0.2 System performance tools for Linux
app-admin/testdisk 6.8 Multi-platform tool to check and undelete partition, supports reiserfs, ntfs, fat32, ext2/3 and many others. Also includes PhotoRec to recover pictures from digital camera memory.
app-admin/QGRUBEditor 2.5.0 Python Application for sending sms over multiple ISPs
app-antivirus/clamav 0.91.2-r1 Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
app-arch/bzip2 1.0.4-r1 A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo Linux
app-arch/cabextract 1.2 Extracts files from Microsoft .cab files
app-arch/cpio 2.9-r1 A file archival tool which can also read and write tar files
app-arch/gzip 1.3.12 Standard GNU compressor
app-arch/lha 114i-r7 Utility for creating and opening lzh archives
app-arch/p7zip 4.55 Port of 7-Zip archiver for Unix
app-arch/pure-sfv 0.3 utility to test and create .sfv files and create .par files
app-arch/rar 3.7.1 RAR compressor/uncompressor
app-arch/rpm2targz 9.0-r6 Convert a .rpm file to a .tar.gz archive
app-arch/sharutils 4.6.3 Tools to deal with shar archives
app-arch/tar 1.19 Use this to make tarballs :)
app-arch/unace 1.2b-r1 ACE unarchiver
app-arch/unrar 3.7.8 Uncompress rar files
app-arch/unzip 5.52-r1 unzipper for pkzip-compressed files
app-arch/zip 2.32 Info ZIP (encryption support)
app-arch/xarchiver 0.4.0 Xarchiver is a GTK2 frontend to rar, zip, bzip2, tar, gzip and rpm
app-benchmarks/bonnie++ 1.93c Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite.
app-benchmarks/bonnie 2.0.6 Performance Test of Filesystem I/O using standard C library calls.
app-benchmarks/bootchart 0.9-r2 Performance analysis and visualization of the system boot process
app-cdr/cdrdao 1.2.2 Burn CDs in disk-at-once mode -- with optional GUI frontend
app-cdr/cdrtools 2.01.01_alpha34 A set of tools for CD/DVD reading and recording, including cdrecord
app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools 7.0 A set of tools for DVD+RW/-RW drives
app-cdr/graveman 0.3.12_p5-r1 Graphical frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd and sox using GTK+2
app-crypt/bcwipe 1.6_p8 BCWipe secure file removal utility
app-crypt/chntpw Offline Windows NT Password & Registry Editor
app-crypt/gnupg 2.0.7 The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL pgp replacement
app-crypt/gpgme 1.1.5 GnuPG Made Easy is a library for making GnuPG easier to use
app-crypt/hashalot 0.3-r2 CryptoAPI utils
app-crypt/mhash 0.9.9-r1 library providing a uniform interface to a large number of hash algorithms
app-crypt/opencdk 0.5.7 Open Crypto Development Kit for basic OpenPGP message manipulation
app-crypt/pinentry 0.7.3 Collection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol
app-crypt/truecrypt 4.3a Free open-source disk encryption software
app-crypt/weplab 0.1.5 A tool to analyze the Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP) encryption security on wireless networks.
app-dicts/aspell-el 0.50.3 Greek language dictionary for aspell
app-dicts/aspell-en 6.0.0 English (US, British, Canadian) language dictionary for aspell
app-doc/xorg-docs 1.4-r1 X.Org docs
app-editors/bluefish 1.0 A GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer or programmer.
app-editors/gedit 2.20.3 A text editor for the GNOME desktop
app-editors/gvim 7.1.123 GUI version of the Vim text editor
app-editors/kile 1.9.3 A Latex Editor and TeX shell for kde
app-editors/nano 2.0.6 GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality
app-editors/scite 1.72 A very powerful editor for programmers
app-editors/vim 7.1.123 Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
app-editors/vim-core 7.1.123 vim and gvim shared files
app-forensics/autopsy 2.08 A graphical interface to the digital forensic analysis tools in The Sleuth Kit.
app-forensics/cmospwd 4.6 CmosPwd decrypts password stored in cmos used to access BIOS SETUP
app-forensics/foremost 0.69 A console program to recover files based on their headers and footers
app-forensics/memdump 1.0 Simple memory dumper for UNIX-Like systems
app-forensics/sleuthkit 2.09 A collection of file system and media management forensic analysis tools
app-forensics/tct 1.15-r1 The Coroner's Toolkit - a collection of tools to aide in gathering and analyzing forensic data on a UNIX system
app-i18n/enca 1.9 ENCA detects the character coding of a file and converts it if desired
app-laptop/laptop-mode-tools 1.31 Linux kernel laptop_mode user-space utilities
app-misc/ca-certificates 20070303-r1 Common CA Certificates PEM files
app-misc/hal-info 20070618 The fdi scripts that HAL uses
app-misc/livecd-tools 1.0.35-r1 Gentoo LiveCD tools for autoconfiguration of hardware
app-misc/mc 4.6.1-r4 GNU Midnight Commander cli-based file manager
app-misc/mime-types 7 Provides /etc/mime.types file
app-misc/pax-utils 0.1.16 Various ELF related utils for ELF32, ELF64 binaries useful tools that can check files for security relevant properties
app-misc/screen 4.0.3 Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes
app-misc/wipe 2.2.20050509 Secure file wiping utility based on Peter Gutman's patterns
app-misc/indywiki 0.9.7 Indywiki is an open source project that aims to explore different ways of visually browsing wikipedia pages.
app-mobilephone/obexftp 0.21 File transfer over OBEX for mobile phones
app-mobilephone/sobexsrv 1.0.1 Scripting/Secure OBEX Server (for BlueZ Linux)
app-mobilephone/pysmssend 1.29 Python Application for sending sms over multiple ISPs
app-office/abiword 2.4.6 Fully featured yet light and fast cross platform word processor
app-office/abiword-plugins 2.4.6 Set of plugins for abiword
app-office/dia 0.95.1 Diagram/flowchart creation program
app-office/gnumeric 1.6.3 Gnumeric, the GNOME Spreadsheet
app-pda/gtkpod 0.99.10 GUI for iPod using GTK2
app-portage/eix 0.10.2 Small utility for searching ebuilds with indexing for fast results
app-portage/genlop 0.30.8-r1 A nice emerge.log parser
app-portage/gentoolkit 0.2.3-r1 Collection of administration scripts for Gentoo
app-portage/gentoolkit-dev Collection of developer scripts for Gentoo
app-portage/layman 1.1.1 A python script for retrieving gentoo overlays.
app-portage/portage-utils 0.1.28 small and fast portage helper tools written in C
app-portage/udept A Portage analysis toolkit
app-portage/zugaina-gensync 2.0 Script to sync with Zugaina, gentopia, kde-live, breakmygentoo,, mpd, fantoo, xgl-coffee, gentoo-science... overlay.
app-portage/zugaina-sync 0.3 Script to sync with Zugaina portage
app-shells/bash 3.2_p17-r1 The standard GNU Bourne again shell
app-shells/bash-completion 20050121-r10 Programmable Completion for bash
app-shells/bash-completion-config 0.8-r2 Utility to easily add/remove bash-completions to your environment
app-shells/gentoo-bashcomp 20050516 Gentoo-specific bash command-line completions (emerge, ebuild, equery, etc)
app-shells/tcsh 6.15-r2 Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh)
app-shells/zsh 4.3.4-r1 UNIX Shell similar to the Korn shell
app-shells/zsh-completion 20060618 Programmable Completion for zsh (includes emerge and ebuild commands)
app-text/aspell 0.60.5 A spell checker replacement for ispell
app-text/build-docbook-catalog 1.2 DocBook XML catalog auto-updater
app-text/djvu 3.5.19 DjVu viewers, encoders and utilities.
app-text/docbook-sgml-dtd 4.2-r2 Docbook SGML DTD 4.5
app-text/docbook-xml-dtd 4.1.2-r6 4.2-r1 4.4-r1 Docbook DTD for XML
app-text/docbook-xsl-stylesheets 1.70.1 XSL Stylesheets for Docbook
app-text/dos2unix 3.1-r2 Dos2unix converts DOS or MAC text files to UNIX format
app-text/enchant 1.3.0 Spellchecker wrapping library
app-text/evince 2.20.1 Simple document viewer for GNOME
app-text/ghostscript-esp 8.15.3 ESP Ghostscript -- an enhanced version of GPL Ghostscript with better printer support
app-text/gnome-doc-utils 0.12.0 A collection of documentation utilities for the Gnome project
app-text/gocr 0.43 An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reader
app-text/iso-codes 1.5 Provides the list of country and language names
app-text/libpaper 1.1.21 Library for handling paper characteristics
app-text/multitail 5.2.0 Tail with multiple windows.
app-text/nopaste 1992 command-line interface to
app-text/poppler 0.6.1-r1 PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base
app-text/poppler-bindings 0.6.1 rendering bindings for GUI toolkits for poppler
app-text/rarian 0.6.0-r1 A documentation metadata library
app-text/rman 3.2 PolyGlotMan man page translator AKA RosettaMan
app-text/scrollkeeper 9999 Dummy scrollkeeper for testing rarian
app-text/sgml-common 0.6.3-r4 Base ISO character entities and utilities for SGML
app-text/tetex 3.0_p1-r6 a complete TeX distribution
app-text/tree Lists directories recursively, and produces an indented listing of files.
app-text/unix2dos 2.2-r1 UNIX to DOS text file format converter
app-text/wgetpaste 2.8 Command-line interface to various pastebins
app-text/wv 1.2.3-r1 Tool for conversion of MSWord doc and rtf files to something readable
app-vim/bnf-syntax 1.2-r1 vim plugin: BNF file syntax highlighting
app-vim/brainfuck-syntax 1.0.1 vim plugin: BrainFuck source file syntax highlighting
app-vim/cfengine-syntax 20050105 vim plugin: Cfengine configuration files syntax
app-vim/ebnf-syntax 1.1-r1 vim plugin: EBNF (ISO/IEC 14997) file syntax highlighting
app-vim/extra-syntax 2 vim plugin: metapackage for all extra syntax packages
app-vim/fluxbox-syntax 1.5 vim plugin: fluxbox files syntax and indent
app-vim/genindent 1.0 vim plugin: library for simplifying indent files
app-vim/gentoo-syntax 20070506 vim plugin: Gentoo Ebuild, Eclass, GLEP, ChangeLog and Portage Files syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings
app-vim/gtk-syntax 20030219 vim plugin: Syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gnome and more
app-vim/help-extra-syntax 20050106-r1 vim plugin: extra syntax highlighting for help files
app-vim/nagios-syntax 20050105 vim plugin: Nagios configuration files syntax
app-vim/ntp-syntax 20031001 vim plugin: ntp.conf syntax highlighting
app-vim/pam-syntax 20060424 vim plugin: PAM configuration syntax highlighting
app-vim/pgn-syntax 1.0 vim plugin: PGN (chess Portable Game Notation) syntax highlighting
app-vim/selinux-syntax 20040707 vim plugin: SELinux type enforcement policy syntax
app-vim/wikipedia-syntax 20050212 vim plugin: Wikipedia syntax highlighting
app-vim/xquery-syntax 0.1-r1 vim plugin: XQuery syntax highlighting
app-vim/xsl-syntax 0.3.11-r1 vim plugin: Syntax for XSLT (with HTML and others)
dev-cpp/cairomm 1.4.4 C++ bindings for the Cairo vector graphics library
dev-cpp/glibmm 2.14.2 C++ interface for glib2
dev-cpp/gtkmm 2.12.1 C++ interface for GTK+2
dev-cpp/libbinio 1.4 Binary I/O stream class library
dev-cpp/muParser 1.28 Library for parsing mathematical expressions
dev-db/firebird 1.5.4-r2 A relational database offering many ANSI SQL-99 features
dev-db/libpq 8.0.13 PostgreSQL libraries.
dev-db/mysql 5.0.44-r2 A fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database server.
dev-db/mysql-init-scripts 1.2 Gentoo MySQL init scripts.
dev-db/postgresql 8.0.13 Sophisticated and powerful Object-Relational DBMS.
dev-db/sqlite 2.8.16-r4 3.4.1 an SQL Database Engine in a C Library
dev-haskell/cabal Haskell Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries
dev-haskell/filepath 1.0 Library for manipulating FilePath's in a cross platform way.
dev-haskell/regex-base 0.72 Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
dev-haskell/regex-compat 0.71 Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
dev-haskell/regex-posix 0.71 Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
dev-java/antlr 2.7.7 A parser generator for C++, C#, Java, and Python
dev-java/java-config 1.3.7 2.0.33-r1 Java environment configuration tool
dev-java/java-config-wrapper 0.14 Wrapper for java-config
dev-java/javatoolkit 0.2.0-r1 Collection of Gentoo-specific tools for Java
dev-java/sun-jdk Sun's J2SE Development Kit, version
dev-lang/ghc 6.6.1 The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
dev-lang/gpc 20051104 Gnu Pascal Compiler
dev-lang/gprolog 1.3.0 GNU Prolog is a native Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains (FD)
dev-lang/hugs98 2005.3-r2 The Hugs98 Haskell interpreter
dev-lang/nasm 0.98.39-r3 groovy little assembler
dev-lang/perl 5.8.8-r4 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
dev-lang/php 5.2.5-r1 The PHP language runtime engine: CLI, CGI and Apache2 SAPIs.
dev-lang/python 2.4.4-r6 Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.
dev-lang/ruby 1.8.6_p111 An object-oriented scripting language
dev-lang/swig 1.3.31 Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
dev-lang/tcl 8.4.15 Tool Command Language
dev-lang/tk 8.4.15-r1 Tk Widget Set
dev-lang/yasm 0.6.0 assembler that supports amd64
dev-libs/apr 0.9.12 1.2.11 Apache Portable Runtime Library
dev-libs/apr-util 0.9.12-r1 1.2.10 Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library
dev-libs/atk 1.20.0 GTK+ & GNOME Accessibility Toolkit
dev-libs/cyrus-sasl 2.1.22-r2 The Cyrus SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer).
dev-libs/dbus-glib 0.73 D-Bus bindings for glib
dev-libs/dbus-qt3-old 0.70 D-BUS Qt3 bindings compatible with old application API and new dbus
dev-libs/elfutils 0.127 Libraries/utilities to handle ELF objects (drop in replacement for libelf)
dev-libs/eventlog 0.2.5 Support library for syslog-ng
dev-libs/expat 2.0.1 XML parsing libraries
dev-libs/fribidi 0.10.7 A free implementation of the unicode bidirectional algorithm
dev-libs/glib 1.2.10-r5 2.14.3 The GLib library of C routines
dev-libs/gmp 4.2.2 Library for arithmetic on arbitrary precision integers, rational numbers, and floating-point numbers
dev-libs/klibc 1.5 A minimal libc subset for use with initramfs.
dev-libs/libIDL 0.8.9 CORBA tree builder
dev-libs/libassuan 1.0.2-r1 Standalone IPC library used by gpg, gpgme and newpg
dev-libs/libcroco 0.6.1 Generic Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) parsing and manipulation toolkit
dev-libs/libdnet 1.11-r1 simplified, portable interface to several low-level networking routines
dev-libs/libevent 1.3a A library to execute a function when a specific event occurs on a file descriptor
dev-libs/libgcrypt 1.2.4 general purpose crypto library based on the code used in GnuPG
dev-libs/libgpg-error 1.5 Contains error handling functions used by GnuPG software
dev-libs/libksba 1.0.2-r1 makes X.509 certificates and CMS easily accessible to applications
dev-libs/libmcrypt 2.5.8 libmcrypt is a library that provides uniform interface to access several encryption algorithms.
dev-libs/libmcs 0.4.1 Abstracts the storage of configuration settings away from applications.
dev-libs/libmix 2.05 Programs Crypto/Network/Multipurpose Library
dev-libs/libnl 1.0_pre6 A library for applications dealing with netlink socket
dev-libs/libol 0.3.18 Support library for syslog-ng
dev-libs/libpcre 7.4 Perl-compatible regular expression library
dev-libs/libsigc++ 2.0.18 Typesafe callback system for standard C++
dev-libs/libtasn1 0.3.5 provides ASN.1 structures parsing capabilities for use with GNUTLS
dev-libs/libusb 0.1.12-r1 Userspace access to USB devices
dev-libs/libxml2 2.6.30 Version 2 of the library to manipulate XML files
dev-libs/libxslt 1.1.22 XSLT libraries and tools
dev-libs/lzo 1.08-r1 2.02-r1 An extremely fast compression and decompression library
dev-libs/mpfr 2.3.0_p3 library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with exact rounding
dev-libs/newt 0.51.6-r1 Redhat's Newt windowing toolkit development files
dev-libs/nspr 4.6.7 Netscape Portable Runtime
dev-libs/nss 3.11.7 Mozilla's Network Security Services library that implements PKI support
dev-libs/openobex 1.3 An implementation of the OBEX protocol used for transferring data to mobile devices
dev-libs/openssl 0.9.8g Toolkit for SSL v2/v3 and TLS v1
dev-libs/popt 1.10.7 Parse Options - Command line parser
dev-libs/pth 2.0.7 GNU Portable Threads
dev-libs/pwlib 1.10.10-r1 Portable Multiplatform Class Libraries used by several VoIP applications
dev-libs/rlog 1.3.7 A C++ logging library
dev-libs/xplc 0.3.13-r1 cross platform lightweight components library for C++
dev-perl/Archive-Tar 1.32 A Perl module for creation and manipulation of tar files
dev-perl/Compress-Raw-Zlib 2.005 Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
dev-perl/Compress-Zlib 2.005 A Zlib perl module
dev-perl/Crypt-SSLeay 0.57 Crypt::SSLeay module for perl
dev-perl/DBD-mysql 4.00.5 The Perl DBD:mysql Module
dev-perl/DBI 1.601 The Perl DBI Module
dev-perl/DateManip 5.44 Perl date manipulation routines
dev-perl/Error 0.17.008 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
dev-perl/ExtUtils-CBuilder 0.19 Compile and link C code for Perl modules
dev-perl/File-Slurp 9999.12 Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files
dev-perl/HTML-Parser 3.56 Parse section of HTML documents
dev-perl/HTML-Tagset 3.10 data tables useful in parsing HTML
dev-perl/HTML-Tree 3.23 A library to manage HTML-Tree in PERL
dev-perl/IO-Compress-Base 2.005 Base Class for IO::Compress modules
dev-perl/IO-Compress-Zlib 2.005 Read/Write compressed files
dev-perl/IO-String 1.08 IO::File interface for in-core strings
dev-perl/IO-Zlib 1.07 IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
dev-perl/Net-Daemon 0.43 Abstract base class for portable servers
dev-perl/PlRPC 0.2020-r1 The Perl RPC Module
dev-perl/TermReadKey 2.30 Change terminal modes, and perform non-blocking reads
dev-perl/URI 1.35 A URI Perl Module
dev-perl/XML-LibXML 1.65 A Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets using gnome's libXSLT
dev-perl/XML-LibXML-Common 0.13 Routines and Constants common for XML::LibXML and XML::GDOME
dev-perl/XML-LibXSLT 1.62 A Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets using gnome's libXSLT
dev-perl/XML-NamespaceSupport 1.09 A Perl module that offers a simple to process namespaced XML names
dev-perl/XML-Parser 2.34-r1 A Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat
dev-perl/XML-SAX 0.16 Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML parsers, filters, and drivers
dev-perl/XML-Simple 2.18 XML::Simple - Easy API to read/write XML (esp config files)
dev-perl/XML-Writer 0.602 XML Writer Perl Module
dev-perl/extutils-parsexs 2.18 Converts Perl XS code into C code
dev-perl/libwww-perl 5.805 A collection of Perl Modules for the WWW
dev-perl/module-build 0.28.08 Build and install Perl modules
dev-perl/yaml 0.65 YAML Ain't Markup Language (tm)
dev-python/PyQt4 4.3.1 PyQt is a set of Python bindings for the Qt toolkit.
dev-python/clientform 0.2.7 Parse, fill out, and return HTML forms on the client side
dev-python/dnspython 1.5.0 DNS toolkit for Python
dev-python/egenix-mx-base 2.0.5 egenix utils for Python
dev-python/gnuplot-py 1.7 A python wrapper for Gnuplot
dev-python/mechanize 0.1.7b Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python
dev-python/numeric 24.2-r6 Numerical multidimensional array language facility for Python.
dev-python/numpy 1.0.4 Python array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects
dev-python/pycairo 1.4.0 Python wrapper for cairo vector graphics library
dev-python/pycrypto 2.0.1-r6 Python Cryptography Toolkit
dev-python/pygobject 2.14.0 GLib's GObject library bindings for Python
dev-python/pygtk 2.12.0 GTK+2 bindings for Python
dev-python/pyopenssl 0.6 Python interface to the OpenSSL library
dev-python/pysnmp 2.0.8 SNMP framework in Python. Not a wrapper.
dev-python/pysqlite 2.3.5 Python wrapper for the local database Sqlite
dev-python/python-fchksum 1.7.1 Python module to find the checksum of files
dev-python/scientificpython 2.4.9 Scientific Module for Python
dev-python/sip 4.7.1 SIP is a tool for generating bindings for C++ classes so that they can be used by Python.
dev-python/twisted 2.4.0 An asynchronous networking framework written in Python
dev-python/twisted-web 0.6.0 Twisted web server, programmable in Python
dev-ruby/rcairo 1.4.1 Ruby bindings for cairo
dev-ruby/ruby-atk 0.16.0 Ruby Atk bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-config 0.3.2 Utility to switch the ruby interpreter being used
dev-ruby/ruby-gdkpixbuf2 0.16.0 Ruby GdkPixbuf2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-glib2 0.16.0-r2 Ruby Glib2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-gnome2 0.16.0 Ruby Gnome2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-gnomecanvas2 0.16.0 Ruby GnomeCanvas2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-gtk2 0.16.0-r2 Ruby Gtk2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-libart2 0.16.0 Ruby Libart2 bindings
dev-ruby/ruby-pango 0.16.0 Ruby Pango bindings
dev-ruby/rubygems 0.8.11-r6 Centralized Ruby extension management system
dev-ruby/sqlite3-ruby 1.1.0 An extension library to access a SQLite database from Ruby
dev-tex/latex2html 2002.2.1_pre20041025-r1 convertor written in Perl that converts LATEX documents to HTML
dev-util/anjuta 1.2.4-r1 A versatile IDE for GNOME
dev-util/biew 5.6.2 A multiplatform portable viewer of binary files with built-in editor in binary, hexadecimal and disassembler modes.
dev-util/cscope 15.6-r1 Interactively examine a C program
dev-util/ctags 5.5.4-r2 Exuberant Ctags creates tags files for code browsing in editors
dev-util/cvs 1.12.12-r4 Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools
dev-util/dialog 1.1.20071028 tool to display dialog boxes from a shell
dev-util/elfkickers 2.0a-r3 collection of programs to manipulate ELF files: sstrip, rebind, elfls, elftoc
dev-util/git GIT - the stupid content tracker, the revision control system heavily used by the Linux kernel team
dev-util/glade 3.4.0 GNOME GUI Builder
dev-util/gperf 3.0.1 A perfect hash function generator
dev-util/indent 2.2.9-r3 Indent program source files
dev-util/intltool 0.35.5 Tools for extracting translatable strings from various sourcefiles
dev-util/kdevelop 3.5.0 Integrated Development Environment for Unix, supporting KDE/Qt, C/C++ and many other languages.
dev-util/ltrace 0.4-r1 trace library calls made at runtime
dev-util/mercurial 0.9.5-r1 Scalable distributed SCM
dev-util/pkgconfig 0.22 Package config system that manages compile/link flags
dev-util/scons 0.96.1 Extensible Python-based build utility
dev-util/strace 4.5.16 A useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool
dev-util/subversion 1.4.5 A compelling replacement for CVS.
dev-util/tmake 1.8-r1 A Cross platform Makefile tool
dev-util/unifdef 1.20 remove #ifdef'ed lines from a file while otherwise leaving the file alone
dev-util/valgrind 3.2.3 An open-source memory debugger for GNU/Linux
dev-util/yacc 1.9.1-r3 Yacc: Yet Another Compiler-Compiler
gnome-base/gail 1.20.1 Accessibility support for Gtk+ and libgnomecanvas
gnome-base/gconf 2.20.1 Gnome Configuration System and Daemon
gnome-base/gnome-common 2.20.0 Common files for development of Gnome packages
gnome-base/gnome-keyring 2.20.1 Password and keyring managing daemon
gnome-base/gnome-mime-data 2.18.0 MIME data for Gnome
gnome-base/gnome-mount 0.6 HAL wrapper for (un)mounting and ejecting disks
gnome-base/gnome-vfs 2.20.1 Gnome Virtual Filesystem
gnome-base/libbonobo 2.20.1 GNOME CORBA framework
gnome-base/libbonoboui 2.20.0 User Interface part of libbonobo
gnome-base/libglade 2.6.2 Library to construct graphical interfaces at runtime
gnome-base/libgnome Essential Gnome Libraries
gnome-base/libgnomecanvas The Gnome 2 Canvas library
gnome-base/libgnomeprint 2.18.2 Printer handling for Gnome
gnome-base/libgnomeprintui 2.18.1 User interface libraries for gnome print
gnome-base/libgnomeui User Interface routines for Gnome
gnome-base/libgtop 2.20.0 A library that provides top functionality to applications
gnome-base/librsvg 2.18.2 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering library
gnome-base/orbit 2.14.10 ORBit2 is a high-performance CORBA ORB
gnome-extra/gcalctool 5.20.2 A calculator application for GNOME
gnome-extra/gconf-editor 2.20.0 An editor to the GNOME 2 config system
gnome-extra/libgsf 1.14.7 The GNOME Structured File Library
kde-base/cervisia 3.5.7 Cervisia - A KDE CVS frontend
kde-base/kcminit 3.5.6 KCMInit - runs startups initialization for Control Modules.
kde-base/kcontrol 3.5.7-r1 The KDE Control Center
kde-base/kdebase-data 3.5.7 Icons, localization data and various .desktop files from kdebase. Includes the l10n, pics and applnk subdirs.
kde-base/kdebase-kioslaves 3.5.7-r1 kioslave: the kde VFS framework - kioslave plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data
kde-base/kdelibs 3.5.7-r3 KDE libraries needed by all KDE programs.
kde-base/kdesdk-kioslaves 3.5.7 kioslaves from kdesdk package: the subversion kioslave
kde-base/kdesu 3.5.7 KDE: gui for su(1)
kde-base/kdialog 3.5.5 KDialog can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts
kde-base/kdvi 3.5.7 KDE DVI viewer
kde-base/kfind 3.5.7 KDE file find utility
kde-base/khelpcenter 3.5.7 The KDE help center.
kde-base/khotkeys 3.5.7 KDE: hotkey daemon
kde-base/kicker 3.5.7 Kicker is the KDE application starter panel and is also capable of some useful applets and extensions.
kde-base/konqueror 3.5.7-r3 KDE: Web browser, file manager, ...
kde-base/kviewshell 3.5.7 KDE: Generic framework for viewer applications
kde-base/libkonq 3.5.7 The embeddable part of konqueror
kde-misc/kdiff3 0.9.92 KDE-based frontend to diff3
mail-client/mailx The /bin/mail program, which is used to send mail via shell scripts
mail-client/mailx-support 20060102-r1 Provides lockspool utility
mail-client/sylpheed 2.4.7 A lightweight email client and newsreader
mail-mta/ssmtp 2.61-r2 Extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a Mailhub
media-fonts/artwiz-fonts 2.4-r3 Artwiz Fonts
media-fonts/corefonts 1-r2 Microsoft's TrueType core fonts
media-fonts/dejavu 2.21 DejaVu fonts, bitstream vera with ISO-8859-2 characters
media-fonts/encodings 1.0.2 X.Org font encodings
media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi 1.0.0 X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-75dpi 1.0.0 X.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
media-fonts/font-adobe-utopia-type1 1.0.1 X.Org Adobe Utopia Type 1 fonts
media-fonts/font-alias 1.0.1 X.Org font aliases
media-fonts/font-bh-type1 1.0.0 X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Type 1 fonts
media-fonts/font-cursor-misc 1.0.0 X.Org cursor font
media-fonts/font-misc-misc 1.0.0 X.Org miscellaneous fonts
media-fonts/font-util 1.0.1 X.Org font utilities
media-fonts/gnu-gs-fonts-std 8.11 Ghostscript Standard Fonts
media-fonts/terminus-font 4.20 A clean fixed font for the console and X11
media-fonts/ttf-bitstream-vera 1.10-r3 Bitstream Vera font family
media-gfx/ebdftopcf 2 ebdftopcf optimially generators PCF files from BDF files
media-gfx/fbgrab 1.0 Framebuffer screenshot utility
media-gfx/gqview 2.0.4 A GTK-based image browser
media-gfx/graphviz 2.12 Open Source Graph Visualization Software
media-gfx/imagemagick A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
media-gfx/kst 1.4.0 A plotting and data viewing program for KDE.
media-gfx/splash-themes-gentoo 20050429 A collection of Gentoo themes for splashutils.
media-gfx/splashutils Framebuffer splash utilities.
media-gfx/xloadimage 4.1-r4 utility to view many different types of images under X11
media-libs/a52dec 0.7.4-r5 library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams used in DVD
media-libs/aalib 1.4_rc5 A ASCII-Graphics Library
media-libs/alsa-lib 1.0.14a-r1 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Library
media-libs/audiofile 0.2.6-r3 An elegant API for accessing audio files
media-libs/faac 1.26-r1 Free MPEG-4 audio codecs by
media-libs/faad2 2.0-r13 AAC audio decoding library
media-libs/flac 1.2.1-r1 free lossless audio encoder and decoder
media-libs/fontconfig 2.4.2 A library for configuring and customizing font access
media-libs/freetype 2.3.5-r2 A high-quality and portable font engine
media-libs/gd 2.0.35 A graphics library for fast image creation
media-libs/giflib 4.1.6 Library to handle, display and manipulate GIF images
media-libs/glut 3.7.1 The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT)
media-libs/id3lib 3.8.3-r6 Id3 library for C/C++
media-libs/imlib 1.9.15-r2 Image loading and rendering library
media-libs/imlib2 1.4.0 Version 2 of an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm
media-libs/jasper 1.900.1-r1 software-based implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard
media-libs/jpeg 6b-r7 Library to load, handle and manipulate images in the JPEG format
media-libs/lcms 1.15 A lightweight, speed optimized color management engine
media-libs/libao 0.8.6-r3 the audio output library
media-libs/libart_lgpl 2.3.19-r1 a LGPL version of libart
media-libs/libdts 0.0.2-r5 library for decoding DTS Coherent Acoustics streams used in DVD
media-libs/libdvdcss 1.2.9-r1 A portable abstraction library for DVD decryption
media-libs/libdvdread 0.9.7 Provides a simple foundation for reading DVD-Video images
media-libs/libexif 0.6.16-r1 Library for parsing, editing, and saving EXIF data
media-libs/libgpod 0.5.2 Shared library to access the contents of an iPod
media-libs/libid3tag 0.15.1b The MAD id3tag library
media-libs/libmad 0.15.1b-r2 "M"peg "A"udio "D"ecoder library
media-libs/libmikmod 3.1.11-r4 A library to play a wide range of module formats
media-libs/libmms 0.3 Common library for accessing Microsoft Media Server (MMS) media streaming protocol
media-libs/libmng 1.0.9-r1 Multiple Image Networkgraphics lib (animated png's)
media-libs/libmp4v2 libmp4v2 extracted from mpeg4ip
media-libs/libogg 1.1.3 the Ogg media file format library
media-libs/libpng 1.2.22 Portable Network Graphics library
media-libs/libsamplerate 0.1.2-r1 Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate) is a Sample Rate Converter for audio
media-libs/libsdl 1.2.11-r2 Simple Direct Media Layer
media-libs/libsndfile 1.0.17-r1 A C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound
media-libs/libsvg 0.1.4 A parser for SVG content in files or buffers
media-libs/libvorbis 1.2.0 the Ogg Vorbis sound file format library
media-libs/mesa 6.5.2-r1 OpenGL-like graphic library for Linux
media-libs/musicbrainz 2.1.4 Client library to access metadata of mp3/vorbis/CD media
media-libs/netpbm 10.40.0 A set of utilities for converting to/from the netpbm (and related) formats
media-libs/pdflib 7.0.2 A library for generating PDF on the fly.
media-libs/plotutils 2.4.1-r4 a powerful C/C++ function library for exporting 2-D vector graphics
media-libs/sdl-net 1.2.6 Simple Direct Media Layer Network Support Library
media-libs/sdl-sound 1.0.1-r2 A library that handles the decoding of sound file formats
media-libs/t1lib 5.0.2-r1 A Type 1 Font Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11
media-libs/taglib 1.4-r1 A library for reading and editing audio meta data
media-libs/tiff 3.8.2-r2 Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File Format) images
media-libs/urt 3.1b-r1 the Utah Raster Toolkit is a library for dealing with raster images
media-libs/win32codecs 20071007-r2 Win32 binary codecs for video and audio playback support
media-libs/xvid 1.1.3 XviD, a high performance/quality MPEG-4 video de-/encoding solution
media-plugins/audacious-plugins 1.3.5 Audacious Player - Your music, your way, no exceptions
media-sound/alsa-headers 1.0.14 Header files for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture kernel modules
media-sound/alsa-tools 1.0.14 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture tools
media-sound/alsa-utils 1.0.14 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utils (alsactl, alsamixer, etc.)
media-sound/audacious 1.3.2 Audacious Player - Your music, your way, no exceptions
media-sound/cdparanoia 3.10_pre0 an advanced CDDA reader with error correction
media-sound/easytag 2.1.3 GTK+ utility for editing MP2, MP3, MP4, FLAC, Ogg and other media tags
media-sound/grip 3.3.1 GTK+ based Audio CD Player/Ripper.
media-sound/lame 3.97-r1 LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
media-sound/mpg123 0.67 Real Time mp3 player
media-sound/normalize 0.7.7 Audio file volume normalizer
media-sound/ogmtools 1.5 These tools allow information about (ogminfo) or extraction from (ogmdemux) or creation of (ogmmerge) OGG media streams
media-sound/sox 14.0.0 The swiss army knife of sound processing programs
media-sound/vorbis-tools 1.1.1-r5 tools for using the Ogg Vorbis sound file format
media-sound/wavpack 4.41.0 WavPack audio compression tools
media-video/ffmpeg 0.4.9_p20070616 Complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec. (source from CVS)
media-video/mpeg2vidcodec 12-r1 MPEG Library
media-video/mplayer 1.0_rc2_p24929-r1 Media Player for Linux
media-video/ogmrip 0.11.1 Graphical frontend and libraries for ripping DVDs and encoding to AVI/OGM/MKV/MP4
net-analyzer/amap 4.8-r1 A network scanning tool for pentesters
net-analyzer/arp-sk 0.0.16 A swiss knife tool for ARP
net-analyzer/arping 2.05 A utility to see if a specific IP address is taken and what MAC address owns it
net-analyzer/arpoison 0.6 A utility to poision ARP caches
net-analyzer/arpwatch 2.1.15-r5 An ethernet monitor program that keeps track of ethernet/ip address pairings
net-analyzer/bing 1.1.3 A point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool.
net-analyzer/bmon 2.1.0-r3 interface bandwidth monitor
net-analyzer/chaosreader 0.94 A tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data from snoop or tcpdump logs.
net-analyzer/dnstracer 1.8 Determines where a given nameserver gets its information from
net-analyzer/driftnet 0.1.6-r3 A program which listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes
net-analyzer/dsniff 2.4_beta1-r3 A collection of tools for network auditing and penetration testing
net-analyzer/ettercap 0.7.3-r2 A suite for man in the middle attacks and network mapping
net-analyzer/fprobe 1.1 A libpcap-based tool to collect network traffic data and emit it as NetFlow flows
net-analyzer/hping 2.0.0_rc3-r1 A ping-like TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
net-analyzer/iftop 0.17 display bandwidth usage on an interface
net-analyzer/macchanger 1.5.0-r1 Utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces
net-analyzer/mtr 0.72 My TraceRoute. Excellent network diagnostic tool.
net-analyzer/nbtscan 1.5.1-r1 NBTscan is a program for scanning IP networks for NetBIOS name information
net-analyzer/net-snmp 5.4.1-r1 Software for generating and retrieving SNMP data
net-analyzer/netcat 110-r8 the network swiss army knife
net-analyzer/ngrep 1.45 A grep for network layers
net-analyzer/nmap 4.20 A utility for network exploration or security auditing
net-analyzer/nttcp 1.47 tool to test TCP and UDP throughput
net-analyzer/p0f 2.0.8-r1 p0f performs passive OS detection based on SYN packets.
net-analyzer/paketto 1.10-r1 Paketto Keiretsu - experimental TCP/IP tools - scanrand, minewt, lc, phentropy, paratrace
net-analyzer/pktstat 1.8.3 A network monitoring tool, with bandwidth tracking
net-analyzer/scapy 1.1.1 A Python interactive packet manipulation program for mastering the network
net-analyzer/ssldump 0.9 A Tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
net-analyzer/tcpdump 3.9.8 A Tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
net-analyzer/tcpflow 0.21 A Tool for monitoring, capturing and storing TCP connections flows
net-analyzer/tcpstat 1.5 Reports network interface statistics
net-analyzer/tcptrace 6.6.7 A Tool for analyzing network packet dumps
net-analyzer/traceroute-nanog 6.3.10-r1 Traceroute with AS lookup, TOS support, MTU discovery and other features
net-analyzer/ttcp 1.12 Tool to test TCP and UDP throughput
net-analyzer/upnpscan 0.4 Scans the network for UPNP capable devices
net-analyzer/wireshark 0.99.7 A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal
net-dialup/hsfmodem Linuxant's modem driver for Conexant HSF chipset
net-dialup/linux-atm 2.4.1-r2 Tools for ATM
net-dialup/lrzsz 0.12.20-r1 Communication package providing the X, Y, and ZMODEM file transfer protocols
net-dialup/minicom 2.2-r1 Serial Communication Program
net-dialup/ppp 2.4.4-r13 Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
net-dialup/pppconfig 2.3.17-r1 A text menu based utility for configuring ppp.
net-dialup/pptpclient 1.7.1-r1 Linux client for PPTP
net-dialup/qtwvdialer 0.4.4 QT Frontend for wvdial
net-dialup/slmodem 2.9.11_pre20070813 Driver for Smart Link modem
net-dialup/speedtouch 1.3.1-r3 GPL Driver for the Alcatel Speedtouch USB under *nix
net-dialup/wvdial 1.60 Excellent program to automatically configure PPP sessions
net-dns/bind-tools 9.4.1_p1 bind tools: dig, nslookup, and host
net-dns/dlint 1.4.0-r2 Dlint analyzes any DNS zone you specify, and reports any problems it finds by displaying errors and warnings
net-dns/libidn 0.6.9-r1 Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) implementation
net-firewall/arptables set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of ARP rules in the Linux kernel
net-firewall/ipp2p 0.8.2-r4 Netfilter module for dealing with P2P Applications.
net-firewall/iptables 1.3.8-r2 Linux kernel (2.4+) firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools
net-firewall/firestarter 1.0.3 GUI for iptables firewall setup and monitor.
net-fs/nfs-utils 1.1.0-r1 NFS client and server daemons
net-fs/samba 3.0.28 A suite of SMB and CIFS client/server programs for UNIX
net-ftp/atftp 0.7-r1 Advanced TFTP implementation client/server
net-ftp/filezilla 3.0.0_beta2[3] FTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface
net-ftp/ftp 0.17-r6 Standard Linux FTP client
net-ftp/ftpbase 0.01 FTP layout package
net-ftp/gftp 2.0.18-r6 Gnome based FTP Client
net-ftp/lftp 3.5.14 A sophisticated ftp/sftp/http/https client and file transfer program
net-ftp/vsftpd 2.0.5-r3 Very Secure FTP Daemon written with speed, size and security in mind
net-im/ekiga 2.0.11 H.323 and SIP VoIP softphone
net-im/pidgin 2.3.1 GTK Instant Messenger client
net-im/skype A P2P-VoiceIP client.
net-irc/irssi 0.8.12 A modular textUI IRC client with IPv6 support
net-irc/xchat 2.8.4-r3 Graphical IRC client
net-libs/c-client 2004g UW IMAP c-client library
net-libs/gnutls 1.4.4-r1 A TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 implementation for the GNU project
net-libs/liblockfile 1.06-r2 Implements functions designed to lock the standard mailboxes
net-libs/libnet 1.0.2a-r3 library to provide an API for commonly used low-level network functions (mainly packet injection)
net-libs/libnfsidmap 0.19 NFSv4 ID <-> name mapping library
net-libs/libnids 1.18 emulates the IP stack of Linux 2.0.x and offers IP defragmentation, TCP stream assembly and TCP port scan detection.
net-libs/libpcap 0.9.8 A system-independent library for user-level network packet capture
net-libs/libtorrent 0.11.8 LibTorrent is a BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix.
net-libs/libwww 5.4.0-r7 A general-purpose client side WEB API
net-libs/opal 2.2.11 OPAL library, used by Ekiga
net-libs/wvstreams 4.4 A network programming library in C++
net-mail/mailbase 1 MTA layout package
net-misc/arpd 0.2 ARP reply daemon enables a single host to claim all unassigned addresses on a LAN for network monitoring or simulation
net-misc/curl 7.16.4 A Client that groks URLs
net-misc/dhcp 3.1.0 ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
net-misc/dhcpcd 3.1.5-r1 A DHCP client
net-misc/ghamachi 0.8.1 gHamachi is a GUI for the Hamachi tunneling software package.
net-misc/grdesktop 0.23 Gtk2 frontend for rdesktop
net-misc/hamachi Hamachi is a secure mediated peer to peer.
net-misc/htbinit 0.8.5-r1 Sets up Hierachical Token Bucket based traffic control (QoS) with iproute2
net-misc/httptunnel 3.3 httptunnel can create IP tunnels through firewalls/proxies using HTTP
net-misc/iperf 2.0.2 tool to measure IP bandwidth using UDP or TCP
net-misc/iputils 20070202 Network monitoring tools including ping and ping6
net-misc/ipv6calc 0.51 IPv6 address calculator
net-misc/kiax 0.8.5_p1 QT based IAX (Inter Asterisk eXchange) client
net-misc/kphone 4.2-r1 A SIP user agent for Linux, with which you can initiate VoIP connections over the Internet.
net-misc/l7-filter 2.13 Kernel modules for layer 7 iptables filtering
net-misc/l7-protocols 2007.07.27 Protocol definitions of l7-filter kernel modules
net-misc/mDNSResponder 107.6-r5 The mDNSResponder project is a component of Bonjour, Apple's initiative for zero-configuration networking.
net-misc/nemesis 1.4_beta3 A commandline-based, portable human IP stack for UNIX/Linux
net-misc/neon 0.26.4 HTTP and WebDAV client library
net-misc/netsed 0.01b A small and handful utility designed to alter the contents of packets forwarded thru your network in real time
net-misc/openssh 4.7_p1-r1 Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release
net-misc/openvpn 2.0.6 OpenVPN is a robust and highly flexible tunneling application compatible with many OSes.
net-misc/proxychains 3.1 force any tcp connections to flow through a proxy (or proxy chain)
net-misc/proxytunnel 1.2.3 program that connects stdin and stdout to a server somewhere on the network, through a standard HTTPS proxy
net-misc/rdesktop 1.5.0-r3 A Remote Desktop Protocol Client
net-misc/rsync 2.6.9-r5 File transfer program to keep remote files into sync
net-misc/sipcalc 1.1.2 Sipcalc is an advanced console-based IP subnet calculator.
net-misc/stunnel 4.21-r1 TLS/SSL - Port Wrapper
net-misc/telnet-bsd 1.2-r1 Telnet and telnetd ported from OpenBSD with IPv6 support
net-misc/tightvnc 1.3.9 A great client/server software package allowing remote network access to graphical desktops.
net-misc/udpcast 20050226 Multicast file transfer tool
net-misc/unison 2.13.16 Two-way cross-platform file synchronizer
net-misc/wakeonlan 0.41-r1 Client for Wake-On-LAN
net-misc/wget 1.10.2 Network utility to retrieve files from the WWW
net-misc/r1000 1.04 Drivers for Realtek 8168 8169 8101 8111 based PCI-E/PCI Ethernet Cards
net-nds/openldap 2.3.39-r1 LDAP suite of application and development tools
net-nds/portmap 6.0 Netkit - portmapper
net-news/snownews 1.5.7-r2 Snownews, a text-mode RSS/RDF newsreader
net-p2p/ktorrent 2.2.2 A BitTorrent program for KDE.
net-p2p/rtorrent 0.7.8 BitTorrent Client using libtorrent
net-print/cups 1.2.12-r4 The Common Unix Printing System
net-print/foomatic-db 20060720 Printer information files for foomatic-db-engine to generate ppds
net-print/foomatic-db-engine 3.0.20060720 Generates ppds out of xml foomatic printer description files
net-print/foomatic-filters 3.0.20060720 Foomatic wrapper scripts
net-print/hplip 2.7.10 HP Linux Imaging and Printing System. Includes net-print/hpijs, scanner drivers and service tools.
net-print/libgnomecups 0.2.2 GNOME cups library
net-proxy/pingtunnel 0.61 Tunnel TCP over ICMP
net-wireless/acx-firmware 20060207 Firmware for the ACX100 and ACX111 wireless chipsets
net-wireless/aircrack-ng 0.9.1 WLAN tools for breaking 802.11 WEP/WPA keys
net-wireless/airtraf 1.1 AirTraf 802.11b Wireless traffic sniffer
net-wireless/ap-utils 1.5[3] Wireless Access Point Utilities for Unix
net-wireless/atmel-firmware 1.3 Firmware and config for atmel and atmel_cs wlan drivers included in linux 2.6
net-wireless/bcm43xx-fwcutter 006 Firmware Tool for Broadcom 43xx based wireless network devices
net-wireless/bluez-libs 2.25 Bluetooth Userspace Libraries
net-wireless/bluez-utils 2.25-r1 Bluetooth Tools and System Daemons for Linux
net-wireless/hostapd 0.4.9 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN Host AP daemon
net-wireless/ipw2200-firmware 3.0 Firmware for the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG/2915ABG miniPCI and 2225BG PCI adapters
net-wireless/ipw3945 1.2.2 Driver for the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG miniPCI express adapter
net-wireless/ipw3945-ucode 1.14.2 Microcode for the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG miniPCI express adapter
net-wireless/ipw3945d 1.7.22-r10[1] Regulatory daemon for the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG miniPCI express adapter
net-wireless/kismet 2007.10.1 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN sniffer
net-wireless/madwifi-ng Next Generation driver for Atheros based IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN cards
net-wireless/madwifi-ng-tools Next Generation tools for configuration of Atheros based IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN cards
net-wireless/ndiswrapper 1.50 Wrapper for using Windows drivers for some wireless cards
net-wireless/rt2500 1.1.0_pre2007071515 Driver for the RaLink RT2500 wireless chipset
net-wireless/wepdecrypt 0.8 Enhanced version of WepAttack a tool for breaking 802.11 WEP keys
net-wireless/wifi-radar 1.9.8-r1 WiFi Radar is a Python/PyGTK2 utility for managing WiFi profiles.
net-wireless/wireless-tools 29 A collection of tools to configure IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN cards
net-wireless/wpa_supplicant 0.5.7 IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant for secure wireless transfers
net-wireless/zd1201-firmware 0.14 Firmware for ZyDAS 1201 based USB 802.11b Network WiFi devices
net-wireless/zd1211-firmware 1.4 Firmware for ZyDAS ZD1211 USB-WLAN devices supported by the zd1211rw driver
net-www/mplayerplug-in 3.45 mplayer plug-in for Gecko based browsers
net-www/netscape-flash Adobe Flash Player
net-zope/zopeinterface 3.0.1 Standalone Zope interface library
perl-core/PodParser 1.35 Base class for creating POD filters and translators
perl-core/Scalar-List-Utils 1.19 Scalar-List-Utils module for perl
perl-core/Storable 2.16 The Perl Storable Module
perl-core/Sys-Syslog 0.18 Provides same functionality as BSD syslog
perl-core/Test-Harness 2.64 Runs perl standard test scripts with statistics
perl-core/Test-Simple 0.70 Basic utilities for writing tests
perl-core/libnet 1.21 A URI Perl Module
rox-base/rox 2.6.1 ROX is a desktop environment and filer based on RISC OS.
sci-biology/stride 20011129 A program for protein secondary structure assignment from atomic coordinates.
sci-calculators/qalculate-bases 0.9.4 A GTK+ base conversion tool
sci-calculators/qalculate-currency 0.9.4 A GTK+ currency converter
sci-calculators/qalculate-gtk 0.9.4 A modern multi-purpose calculator for GNOME
sci-calculators/qalculate-units 0.9.4 A GTK+ unit conversion tool
sci-chemistry/gperiodic 2.0.7 Periodic table application for Linux
sci-chemistry/molden 4.6 Display molecular density from GAMESS-UK, GAMESS-US, GAUSSIAN and Mopac/Ampac.
sci-chemistry/namd 2.6 A powerful and highly parallelized molecular dynamics code
sci-chemistry/openbabel 2.0.2 Open Babel interconverts file formats used in molecular modeling
sci-chemistry/rasmol Free program that displays molecular structure.
sci-chemistry/tinker 4.2-r1 TINKER is a molecular modeling package that includes force fields for handing large molecules and large systems, such as AMBER and CHARMM. A Java based visualization front end is included.
sci-chemistry/vmd 1.8.6 Visual Molecular Dynamics
sci-chemistry/xdrawchem 1.9.9 Molecular structure drawing program
sci-electronics/xcircuit 3.4.18 Circuit drawing and schematic capture program.
sci-libs/blas-atlas 3.8.0 Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software BLAS implementation
sci-libs/cln 1.1.13 CLN, a class library (C++) for numbers
sci-libs/fftw 2.1.5-r3 3.1.2 C subroutine library for computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
sci-libs/gsl 1.10 The GNU Scientific Library
sci-libs/lapack-atlas 3.8.0 F77 and C LAPACK implementations using available ATLAS routines
sci-libs/lapack-config 1.0.1 Utility to change the default LAPACK library
sci-libs/liborigin 20071119 A library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files
sci-libs/libqalculate 0.9.4 A modern multi-purpose calculator library
sci-libs/netcdf 3.6.2 Scientific library and interface for array oriented data access
sci-mathematics/euler 1.61.0 Mathematical programming environment
sci-mathematics/kalamaris 0.7.1-r1 The KDE Computer Algebra System
sci-mathematics/kseg 0.403 Interactive geometry program for exploring Euclidean geometry
sci-mathematics/octave 2.1.73 GNU Octave is a high-level language (MatLab compatible) intended for numerical computations
sci-mathematics/pari 2.3.2-r1 A software package for computer-aided number theory
sci-visualization/gnuplot 4.2.2-r1 Command-line driven interactive plotting program
sci-visualization/grace 5.1.20 WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for the X Window System
sci-visualization/qtiplot 0.9.2 Qt based clone of the Origin plotting package
sys-apps/915resolution 0.5.3-r1 Utility to patch VBIOS of Intel 855 / 865 / 915 chipsets
sys-apps/apmd 3.2.2_p5 Advanced Power Management Daemon
sys-apps/attr 2.4.39 Extended attributes tools
sys-apps/baselayout 1.12.9-r2 Filesystem baselayout and init scripts
sys-apps/busybox 1.7.4 Utilities for rescue and embedded systems
sys-apps/coreutils 6.9-r1 Standard GNU file utilities (chmod, cp, dd, dir, ls...), text utilities (sort, tr, head, wc..), and shell utilities (whoami, who,...)
sys-apps/dbus 1.0.2-r2 A message bus system, a simple way for applications to talk to each other
sys-apps/dcfldd enhanced dd with features for forensics and security
sys-apps/ddcxinfo-knoppix 0.6 Program to automatically probe a monitor for information
sys-apps/debianutils 2.25 A selection of tools from Debian
sys-apps/diffutils 2.8.7-r2 Tools to make diffs and compare files
sys-apps/dmapi 2.2.8 XFS data management API library
sys-apps/dmidecode 2.9 DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table related utilities
sys-apps/dstat 0.6.6 Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat and ifstat
sys-apps/ed 0.8 Your basic line editor
sys-apps/eject 2.1.5-r1 A command to eject a disc from the CD-ROM drive
sys-apps/ethtool 6 Utility for examining and tuning ethernet-based network interfaces
sys-apps/file 4.21-r1 identify a file's format by scanning binary data for patterns
sys-apps/findutils 4.3.8-r1 GNU utilities for finding files
sys-apps/gawk 3.1.5-r5 GNU awk pattern-matching language
sys-apps/grep 2.5.1a-r1 GNU regular expression matcher
sys-apps/groff 1.19.2-r1 Text formatter used for man pages
sys-apps/hal Hardware Abstraction Layer
sys-apps/hdparm 7.7 Utility to change hard drive performance parameters
sys-apps/help2man 1.36.4 GNU utility to convert program --help output to a man page
sys-apps/hotplug 20040923-r2 USB and PCI hotplug scripts
sys-apps/hotplug-base 20040401 Base Hotplug framework
sys-apps/hwdata-gentoo 0.3 Data for the hwsetup program
sys-apps/hwsetup 1.2[2] Hardware setup program from Knoppix - used only on LiveCD
sys-apps/iproute2 kernel routing and traffic control utilities
sys-apps/ivman 0.6.14 Daemon to mount/unmount devices, based on info from HAL
sys-apps/kbd 1.13-r1 Keyboard and console utilities
sys-apps/less 416 Excellent text file viewer
sys-apps/lm_sensors 2.10.4 Hardware Monitoring user-space utilities
sys-apps/lshw 02.11.01b Hardware Lister
sys-apps/man 1.6e-r3 Standard commands to read man pages
sys-apps/man-pages 2.70 A somewhat comprehensive collection of Linux man pages
sys-apps/memtest86+ 1.70 Memory tester based on memtest86
sys-apps/mktemp 1.5 allow safe temporary file creation from shell scripts.
sys-apps/module-init-tools 3.4 Kernel module tools for the 2.6 kernel
sys-apps/net-tools 1.60-r13 Standard Linux networking tools
sys-apps/parted 1.8.8 Create, destroy, resize, check, copy partitions and file systems
sys-apps/pciutils 2.2.8 Various utilities dealing with the PCI bus
sys-apps/pcmcia-cs 3.2.8-r2 PCMCIA tools for Linux
sys-apps/pmount 0.9.16 Policy based mounter that gives the ability to mount removable devices as a user
sys-apps/portage The Portage Package Management System. The primary package management and distribution system for Gentoo.
sys-apps/sandbox sandbox'd LD_PRELOAD hack
sys-apps/sdparm 1.01 Utility to output and modify parameters on a SCSI device, like hdparm
sys-apps/sed 4.1.5 Super-useful stream editor
sys-apps/shadow Utilities to deal with user accounts
sys-apps/smartmontools 5.37 control and monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.)
sys-apps/sysvinit 2.86-r10 /sbin/init - parent of all processes
sys-apps/tcp-wrappers 7.6-r8 TCP Wrappers
sys-apps/texinfo 4.8-r5 The GNU info program and utilities
sys-apps/usbutils 0.72-r4 USB enumeration utilities
sys-apps/util-linux 2.13-r2 Various useful Linux utilities
sys-apps/which 2.16 Prints out location of specified executables that are in your path
sys-apps/x86info 1.20 Dave Jones' handy, informative x86 CPU diagnostic utility
sys-apps/xinetd 2.3.14 powerful replacement for inetd
sys-apps/unionfs-utils 0.1 Unionfs 1.x/2.x userspace tools
sys-block/gpart 0.1h-r1 Partition table rescue/guessing tool
sys-block/gparted 0.3.3 Gnome Partition Editor
sys-block/partimage 0.6.4-r3 Console-based application to efficiently save raw partition data to an image file. Optional encryption/compression support.
sys-block/viaideinfo 0.4 Query VIA IDE controllers for various information
sys-boot/grub 0.97-r3 GNU GRUB 2 boot loader
sys-boot/lilo 22.7.3-r1 Standard Linux boot loader
sys-boot/syslinux 3.52 SysLinux, IsoLinux and PXELinux bootloader
sys-cluster/charm 5.9 Charm++ is a message-passing parallel language and runtime system.
sys-cluster/lam-mpi 7.1.2 the LAM MPI parallel computing environment
sys-devel/autoconf 2.13 2.61-r1 Used to create autoconfiguration files
sys-devel/autoconf-wrapper 4-r3 wrapper for autoconf to manage multiple autoconf versions
sys-devel/automake 1.4_p6 1.5 1.6.3 1.7.9-r1 1.8.5-r3 1.9.6-r2 1.10 Used to generate from
sys-devel/automake-wrapper 3-r1 wrapper for automake to manage multiple automake versions
sys-devel/bc 1.06-r6 Handy console-based calculator utility
sys-devel/bin86 0.16.17 Assembler and loader used to create kernel bootsector
sys-devel/binutils 2.18-r1 Tools necessary to build programs
sys-devel/binutils-config 1.9-r4 Utility to change the binutils version being used
sys-devel/bison 2.3 A yacc-compatible parser generator
sys-devel/flex 2.5.33-r3 GNU lexical analyser generator
sys-devel/gcc 4.1.2 The GNU Compiler Collection. Includes C/C++, java compilers, pie+ssp extensions, Haj Ten Brugge runtime bounds checking
sys-devel/gcc-config 1.4.0-r4 Utility to change the gcc compiler being used
sys-devel/gdb 6.7.1 GNU debugger
sys-devel/gettext 0.17 GNU locale utilities
sys-devel/gnuconfig 20070724 Updated config.sub and config.guess file from GNU
sys-devel/libperl 5.8.8-r1 Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
sys-devel/libtool 1.5.24 A shared library tool for developers
sys-devel/m4 1.4.10 GNU macro processor
sys-devel/make 3.81 Standard tool to compile source trees
sys-devel/patch 2.5.9 Utility to apply diffs to files
sys-devel/prelink 20060712-r1 modifies ELFs so they load faster at runtime
sys-fs/cryptsetup-luks 1.0.4-r3 Tool to setup encrypted devices with dm-crypt
sys-fs/dd-rescue 1.10 similar to dd but can copy from source with errors
sys-fs/ddrescue 1.3 Copies data from one file or block device (hard disk, cdrom, etc) to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors
sys-fs/device-mapper 1.02.22-r5 Device mapper ioctl library for use with LVM2 utilities
sys-fs/dosfstools 2.11-r1 DOS filesystem tools - provides mkdosfs, mkfs.msdos, mkfs.vfat
sys-fs/e2fsprogs 1.40.3 Standard EXT2 and EXT3 filesystem utilities
sys-fs/encfs Encrypted Filesystem module for Linux
sys-fs/evms 2.5.5-r5 Utilities for the IBM Enterprise Volume Management System
sys-fs/fuse 2.7.0 An interface for filesystems implemented in userspace.
sys-fs/hfsutils 3.2.6-r5 HFS FS Access utils
sys-fs/jfsutils 1.1.8 IBM's Journaling Filesystem (JFS) Utilities
sys-fs/lvm2 2.02.28-r2 User-land utilities for LVM2 (device-mapper) software.
sys-fs/mdadm 2.6.2 A useful tool for running RAID systems - it can be used as a replacement for the raidtools
sys-fs/mtools 3.9.10 utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting them
sys-fs/ntfs3g 1.1120 Open source read-write NTFS driver that runs under FUSE
sys-fs/ntfsprogs 1.13.1-r1 User tools for NTFS filesystems
sys-fs/progsreiserfs 0.3.1_rc8 Library for accessing and manipulating reiserfs partitions
sys-fs/reiserfsprogs 3.6.19-r2 Reiserfs Utilities
sys-fs/squashfs-tools 3.2_p2 Tool for creating compressed filesystem type squashfs
sys-fs/sysfsutils 2.1.0 System Utilities Based on Sysfs
sys-fs/udev 115-r1 Linux dynamic and persistent device naming support (aka userspace devfs)
sys-fs/xfsdump 2.2.46 xfs dump/restore utilities
sys-fs/xfsprogs 2.9.4 xfs filesystem utilities
sys-kernel/genkernel 3.4.8-r4[1] Gentoo automatic kernel building scripts
sys-kernel/gentoo-sources 2.6.19-r5 2.6.22-r2 Full sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 2.6 kernel tree
sys-kernel/linux-headers 2.6.23-r3 Linux system headers
sys-kernel/module-rebuild 0.5 A utility to rebuild any kernel modules which you have installed
sys-libs/com_err 1.40.3 common error display library
sys-libs/cracklib 2.8.10 Password Checking Library
sys-libs/db 1.85-r3 3.2.9-r11 4.2.52_p4-r2 4.3.29-r2 Oracle Berkeley DB
sys-libs/gdbm 1.8.3-r3 Standard GNU database libraries
sys-libs/glibc 2.6.1 GNU libc6 (also called glibc2) C library
sys-libs/gpm 1.20.1-r6 Console-based mouse driver
sys-libs/libcap 1.10-r9 POSIX 1003.1e capabilities
sys-libs/libkudzu 1.1.62-r1 Red Hat Hardware detection tools
sys-libs/libstdc++-v3 3.3.6 Compatibility package for running binaries linked against a pre gcc 3.4 libstdc++
sys-libs/libtermcap-compat 2.0.8-r2 Compatibility package for old termcap-based programs
sys-libs/libutempter 1.1.5 Library that allows non-privileged apps to write utmp (login) info, which need root access
sys-libs/ncurses 5.6-r2 console display library
sys-libs/pam Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
sys-libs/pwdb 0.62 Password database
sys-libs/readline 5.2_p7 Another cute console display library
sys-libs/slang 1.4.9-r2 Console display library used by most text viewer
sys-libs/ss 1.40.3 Subsystem command parsing library
sys-libs/timezone-data 2007j Timezone data (/usr/share/zoneinfo) and utilities (tzselect/zic/zdump)
sys-libs/zlib 1.2.3-r1 Standard (de)compression library
sys-power/acpi 0.06-r5 Attempts to replicate the functionality of the 'old' apm command on ACPI systems, including battery and thermal information.
sys-power/acpid 1.0.6-r1 Daemon for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
sys-power/cpufreqd 2.1.1 CPU Frequency Daemon
sys-power/cpufrequtils 002-r3 Userspace utilities for the Linux kernel cpufreq subsystem
sys-power/nut 2.0.5-r2 Network-UPS Tools
sys-power/powermgmt-base 1.22 Script to test whether computer is running on AC power
sys-power/powertop 1.9 tool that helps you find what software is using the most power
sys-process/htop 0.7 interactive process viewer
sys-process/lsof 4.78-r1 Lists open files for running Unix processes
sys-process/procps 3.2.7 Standard informational utilities and process-handling tools
sys-process/psmisc 22.5-r2 A set of tools that use the proc filesystem
virtual/blas 1.0 Virtual for FORTRAN 77 BLAS implementation
virtual/cblas 1.0 Virtual for BLAS C implementation
virtual/editor 0 Virtual for editor
virtual/ghostscript 0 Virtual for Ghostscript
virtual/glu 7.0 Virtual for OpenGL utility library
virtual/glut 1.0 Virtual for OpenGL utility toolkit
virtual/init 0 Virtual for various init implementations
virtual/jdk 1.6.0 Virtual for JDK
virtual/jre 1.6.0 Virtual for JRE
virtual/lapack 3.1 Virtual for Linear Algebra Package FORTRAN 77 (LAPACK) implementation
virtual/latex-base 1.0 Virtual for basic latex binaries
virtual/libiconv 0 Virtual for the GNU conversion library
virtual/libintl 0 Virtual for the GNU Internationalization Library
virtual/libstdc++ 3.3 Virtual for the GNU Standard C++ Library
virtual/mpi 1.0 Virtual for Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementation
virtual/mysql 5.0 Virtual for MySQL client or database
virtual/opengl 7.0 Virtual for OpenGL implementation
virtual/pcmcia 2.6.13 Virtual for PCMCIA userspace tools
virtual/perl-Digest-MD5 2.36 Virtual for Digest-MD5
virtual/perl-MIME-Base64 3.07 Virtual for MIME-Base64
virtual/perl-Scalar-List-Utils 1.19 Virtual for Scalar-List-Utils
virtual/perl-Storable 2.16 Virtual for Storable
virtual/perl-Sys-Syslog 0.18 Virtual for Sys-Syslog
virtual/perl-Test-Harness 2.64 Virtual for Test-Harness
virtual/perl-Test-Simple 0.70 Virtual for Test-Simple
virtual/perl-libnet 1.21 Virtual for libnet
virtual/xft 7.0 Virtual for the Xft font library
www-client/links 2.1_pre28-r1 links is a fast lightweight text and graphic web-browser
www-client/lynx 2.8.6-r2 An excellent console-based web browser with ssl support
www-client/mozilla-firefox Firefox Web Browser
www-client/mozilla-launcher 1.56 Script that launches mozilla or firefox
www-client/opera 9.25 Opera web browser
www-client/surfraw 2.1.5 A fast unix command line interface to WWW
www-misc/htdig 3.2.0_beta6-r3 HTTP/HTML indexing and searching system
www-servers/lighttpd 1.4.18 Lightweight high-performance web server
x11-apps/bdftopcf 1.0.0 X.Org bdftopcf application
x11-apps/iceauth 1.0.2 ICE authority file utility
x11-apps/luit 1.0.2 Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
x11-apps/mesa-progs 7.0.1 Mesa's OpenGL utility and demo programs (like glxgears)
x11-apps/mkfontdir 1.0.3 create an index of X font files in a directory
x11-apps/mkfontscale 1.0.3 create an index of scalable font files for X
x11-apps/rgb 1.0.1 uncompile an rgb color-name database
x11-apps/sessreg 1.0.3 manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init clients
x11-apps/setxkbmap 1.0.4 Controls the keyboard layout of a running X server.
x11-apps/ttmkfdir 3.0.9-r3 A utility to create a fonts.scale file from a set of TrueType fonts
x11-apps/xauth 1.0.2 X authority file utility
x11-apps/xdpyinfo 1.0.2 display information utility for X
x11-apps/xev 1.0.2 print contents of X events
x11-apps/xhost 1.0.2 Controls host and/or user access to a running X server.
x11-apps/xinit 1.0.3-r3 X Window System initializer
x11-apps/xkbcomp 1.0.3 compile XKB keyboard description
x11-apps/xmessage 1.0.2 display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo)
x11-apps/xmodmap 1.0.3 utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
x11-apps/xprop 1.0.3 property displayer for X
x11-apps/xrandr 1.2.2 primitive command line interface to RandR extension
x11-apps/xrdb 1.0.4 X server resource database utility
x11-apps/xrefresh 1.0.2 refresh all or part of an X screen
x11-apps/xsetroot 1.0.1 X.Org xsetroot application
x11-apps/xvidtune 1.0.1 video mode tuner for Xorg
x11-apps/xvinfo 1.0.2 Print out X-Video extension adaptor information
x11-base/xorg-server X.Org X servers
x11-base/xorg-x11 7.2 An X11 implementation maintained by the X.Org Foundation (meta package)
x11-drivers/synaptics 0.14.6 Driver for Synaptics touchpads
x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard 1.1.1 Keyboard input driver
x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse 1.2.3 X.Org driver for mouse input devices
x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati 6.6.3 ATI video driver
x11-drivers/xf86-video-fbdev 0.3.1 video driver for framebuffer device
x11-drivers/xf86-video-i810 2.1.1 X.Org driver for Intel cards
x11-drivers/xf86-video-neomagic 1.1.1 Neomagic video driver
x11-drivers/xf86-video-nv 2.1.2 Nvidia video driver
x11-drivers/xf86-video-s3 0.5.0 X.Org driver for s3 cards
x11-drivers/xf86-video-sis 0.9.3 SiS and XGI video driver
x11-drivers/xf86-video-vesa 1.3.0 Generic VESA video driver
x11-drivers/xf86-video-via 0.2.2 VIA unichrome graphics driver
x11-libs/cairo 1.4.12 A vector graphics library with cross-device output support
x11-libs/fltk 1.1.7-r2 C++ user interface toolkit for X and OpenGL.
x11-libs/gksu 2.0.0 A gtk+ frontend for libgksu
x11-libs/goffice 0.2.1 A library of document-centric objects and utilities
x11-libs/gtk+ 1.2.10-r12 2.12.1-r2 Gimp ToolKit +
x11-libs/gtksourceview 1.8.5-r1 2.0.1-r1 A text widget implementing syntax highlighting and other features
x11-libs/libFS 1.0.0 X.Org FS library
x11-libs/libICE 1.0.4 X.Org ICE library
x11-libs/libSM 1.0.3 X.Org SM library
x11-libs/libX11 1.1.3 X.Org X11 library
x11-libs/libXScrnSaver 1.1.2 X.Org XScrnSaver library
x11-libs/libXau 1.0.3 X.Org Xau library
x11-libs/libXaw 1.0.4 X.Org Xaw library
x11-libs/libXcomposite 0.4.0 X.Org Xcomposite library
x11-libs/libXcursor 1.1.9 X.Org Xcursor library
x11-libs/libXdamage 1.1.1 X.Org Xdamage library
x11-libs/libXdmcp 1.0.2 X.Org Xdmcp library
x11-libs/libXext 1.0.3 X.Org Xext library
x11-libs/libXfixes 4.0.3 X.Org Xfixes library
x11-libs/libXfont 1.3.1 X.Org Xfont library
x11-libs/libXft 2.1.12 X.Org Xft library
x11-libs/libXi 1.1.3 X.Org Xi library
x11-libs/libXinerama 1.0.2 X.Org Xinerama library
x11-libs/libXmu 1.0.3 X.Org Xmu library
x11-libs/libXp 1.0.0 X.Org Xp library
x11-libs/libXpm 3.5.7 X.Org Xpm library
x11-libs/libXrandr 1.2.1 X.Org Xrandr library
x11-libs/libXrender 0.9.2 X.Org Xrender library
x11-libs/libXres 1.0.3 X.Org XRes library
x11-libs/libXt 1.0.5 X.Org Xt library
x11-libs/libXtst 1.0.3 X.Org Xtst library
x11-libs/libXv 1.0.3 X.Org Xv library
x11-libs/libXvMC 1.0.4 X.Org XvMC library
x11-libs/libXxf86dga 1.0.2 X.Org Xxf86dga library
x11-libs/libXxf86misc 1.0.1 X.Org Xxf86misc library
x11-libs/libXxf86vm 1.0.1 X.Org Xxf86vm library
x11-libs/libdrm 2.3.0 X.Org libdrm library
x11-libs/libfontenc 1.0.4 X.Org fontenc library
x11-libs/libgksu 2.0.5 A library for integration of su into applications
x11-libs/liblbxutil 1.0.1 X.Org lbxutil library
x11-libs/libnotify 0.4.4 Notifications library
x11-libs/liboldX 1.0.1 X.Org oldX library
x11-libs/libsexy 0.1.11 Sexy GTK+ Widgets
x11-libs/libsvg-cairo 0.1.6 Render SVG content using cairo
x11-libs/libwnck 2.20.1 A window navigation construction kit
x11-libs/libxkbfile 1.0.4 X.Org xkbfile library
x11-libs/libxkbui 1.0.2 X.Org xkbui library
x11-libs/motif-config 0.9-r1 Utility to change the default Motif library
x11-libs/openmotif 2.2.3-r9 Open Motif
x11-libs/pango 1.18.3 Text rendering and layout library
x11-libs/qt 3.3.8-r4 4.3.2-r1 The Qt toolkit is a comprehensive C++ application development framework.
x11-libs/qwt 4.2.0-r3 5.0.2-r1 2D plotting library for Qt4
x11-libs/qwtplot3d 0.2.7 Qt4/OpenGL-based 3D widget library for C++
x11-libs/startup-notification 0.9 Application startup notification and feedback library
x11-libs/vte 0.16.9 Gnome terminal widget
x11-libs/wxGTK GTK+ version of wxWidgets, a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit.
x11-libs/xtrans 1.0.3 X.Org xtrans library
x11-misc/bbacpi 0.1.5 ACPI monitor for X11
x11-misc/gccmakedep 1.0.2 create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
x11-misc/grsync 0.6 A gtk frontend to rsync
x11-misc/icon-naming-utils 0.8.6 Utils to help with the transition to the new naming scheme.
x11-misc/imake 1.0.2 C preprocessor interface to the make utility
x11-misc/makedepend 1.0.1 create dependencies in makefiles
x11-misc/mkxf86config 0.9.9 xorg-x11 configuration builder for Gentoo - used only on LiveCD
x11-misc/notification-daemon 0.3.7 Notifications daemon
x11-misc/read-edid 1.4.1-r1 program that can get information from a pnp monitor.
x11-misc/shared-mime-info 0.22-r1 The Shared MIME-info Database specification
x11-misc/util-macros 1.1.5 X.Org autotools utility macros
x11-misc/x11vnc 0.9.3 A VNC server for real X displays
x11-misc/xbitmaps 1.0.1 X.Org bitmaps data
x11-misc/xdg-utils 1.0.2 Portland utils for cross-platform/cross-toolkit/cross-desktop interoperability
x11-misc/xdialog 2.2.1-r1 drop-in replacement for cdialog using GTK
x11-misc/xkeyboard-config 1.1 X keyboard configuration database
x11-misc/xorg-cf-files 1.0.2 Old Imake-related build files
x11-misc/xpad 2.11 A GTK+ 2.0 based 'post-it' note system.
x11-plugins/pidgin-encryption 3.0 Pidgin IM Encryption PlugIn
x11-plugins/pidgin-latex 1.0 Pidgin plugin that renders latex formulae
x11-proto/bigreqsproto 1.0.2 X.Org BigReqs protocol headers
x11-proto/compositeproto 0.4 X.Org Composite protocol headers
x11-proto/damageproto 1.1.0 X.Org Damage protocol headers
x11-proto/evieext 1.0.2 X.Org EvIE protocol headers
x11-proto/fixesproto 4.0 X.Org Fixes protocol headers
x11-proto/fontcacheproto 0.1.2 X.Org Fontcache protocol headers
x11-proto/fontsproto 2.0.2 X.Org Fonts protocol headers
x11-proto/glproto 1.4.8 X.Org GL protocol headers
x11-proto/inputproto X.Org Input protocol headers
x11-proto/kbproto 1.0.3 X.Org KB protocol headers
x11-proto/printproto 1.0.3 X.Org Print protocol headers
x11-proto/randrproto 1.2.1 X.Org Randr protocol headers
x11-proto/recordproto 1.13.2 X.Org Record protocol headers
x11-proto/renderproto 0.9.2 X.Org Render protocol headers
x11-proto/resourceproto 1.0.2 X.Org Resource protocol headers
x11-proto/scrnsaverproto 1.1.0 X.Org ScrnSaver protocol headers
x11-proto/trapproto 3.4.3 X.Org Trap protocol headers
x11-proto/videoproto 2.2.2 X.Org Video protocol headers
x11-proto/xcmiscproto 1.1.2 X.Org XCMisc protocol headers
x11-proto/xextproto 7.0.2 X.Org XExt protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86bigfontproto 1.1.2 X.Org XF86BigFont protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86dgaproto 2.0.3 X.Org XF86DGA protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86driproto 2.0.3 X.Org XF86DRI protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86miscproto 0.9.2 X.Org XF86Misc protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86rushproto 1.1.2 X.Org XF86Rush protocol headers
x11-proto/xf86vidmodeproto 2.2.2 X.Org XF86VidMode protocol headers
x11-proto/xineramaproto 1.1.2 X.Org Xinerama protocol headers
x11-proto/xproto 7.0.10 X.Org xproto protocol headers
x11-terms/mrxvt 0.5.3-r1 Multi-tabbed rxvt clone with XFT, transparent background and CJK support
x11-terms/rxvt-unicode 8.3 rxvt clone with XFT and Unicode support
x11-terms/xterm 229 Terminal Emulator for X Windows
x11-themes/gnome-icon-theme 2.20.0 GNOME 2 default icon themes
x11-themes/gnome-themes 2.20.1 A set of GNOME themes, with sets for users with limited or low vision
x11-themes/gtk-engines 2.12.2 GTK+2 standard engines and themes
x11-themes/gtk-theme-switch 2.0.0_rc2-r2 Application for easy change of GTK-Themes
x11-themes/hicolor-icon-theme 0.10 Fallback theme for the freedesktop icon theme specification
x11-wm/fluxbox 1.0.0 Fluxbox is an X11 window manager featuring tabs and an iconbar

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