iloog is a Gentoo-based LiveCD produced by the Ioannina Linux User Group (I.L.U.G.), targeted mainly at students and scientists. Our purpose is to create a multi-purpose tool that will suit the needs of our growing user-base through an intensive development process that follows the "release early, release often" paradigm of open source software.

Some notable features:
* ISOLINUX boot loader for increased compatibility with older hardware
* UnionFS filesystem support that enables you to write everywhere on the LiveCD and install extra packages
* Graphical X environment through the Fluxbox window manager
* Many programming editors and IDEs, including: Vim, nano, Anjuta, Kdevelop
* A plethora of scientific applications, including: Octave, Namd, Merlin
* Full (La)TeX support
* Fits, conveniently, in a 700MB CD


iloog-8.02 login screen iloog-8.02 Xwindows with Fluxbox and ROX
iloog while running on an Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook photo kindly provided by Theocharis Athanasakis.

You can find more screenshots at ILUG's flickr page.


iloog is distributed in ready-to-burn ISO images. If you have downloaded one already and want to get the newer version, chances are that there is already a delta (binary patch) for you. If you haven't, you will need to download one.

Name Size MD5
iloog-8.02.iso (mirror1,mirror2) 698 MB f6e5b0ea347b59d35cbbffb6c9da8cae (mirror1,mirror2)

The mirror is hosted at the Computer Science Deparment of the University of Pireaus.

name size MD5 350 MB d8f74ae4c93452ba2289bb85bfdd75de

Applying a delta patch is a single command. Assuming that you have iloog-7.04.iso and want to use to obtain iloog-7.06.iso, you simply issue:

xdelta patch iloog-7.04.iso iloog-7.06.iso

Gentoo Linux users will have to emerge dev-util/xdelta first.


Download CD-Cover for iloog-8.02.


For more info, documentation, frequently asked questions and changelog please visit the iloog wiki.


Since iloog is a LiveCD, no installation is necessary. This means that iloog will not touch any of your hard disks by itself. To use it, insert the iloog LiveCD in your CD-ROM drive and restart your computer.


Feedback is the only practical way we can make iloog better. Please let us know of your problems, comments and ideas. You can also contact us by email at iloog-removeme-[at]ilug[dot].gr


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