Full time Asterisk/Linux job in London/UK

Θέματα που δεν έχουν να κάνουν με την I.L.U.G. και το Linux.
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Full time Asterisk/Linux job in London/UK

Δημοσίευση από Fuzz » 24 Απρ 2013, 12:49

Η αγγελία αφορά θέση εργασίας στην Αγγλία και συγκεκριμένα στο ανατολικό Λονδίνο:

VoIP engineer, Linux developer ( Asterisk, 2+ years, Perl, MySQL)

ESSEX BASED - Small but growing hosted VoIP provider requiring experienced engineer to join our team. Looking for a team player who is keen to be involved in new ideas.

The successful candidate is required to have:

-2+ years of VoIP (Asterisk, Ser/Kamailio), incl. experience of independently setting up VoIP systems.

-Familiarity with AGI and able to develop in Perl

-Working with large Servers and carrier grade hardware.

-Strong Linux background (RedHat/Centos/Debian)

-Thorough understanding of the principles of VoIP telephony (SIP),

-Working knowledge (experience) of SQL based DBMS, MySQL.

Desired skills:

-Web development experience, HTML/XML/SOAP programming.

Your duties (role) will include:

-Support the company and its client's Hosted VOIP platform, help in developing new services.

-Looking after existing infrastructure, modifying and updating services.

-Deploy new VOIP platform to new customers.

-Provide hardware maintenance and general technical support for the platform.

-Liaise with other members of both, technical and sales teams, on service planning, capacity forecast, quality issues, etc...

-Report to manager, on all service outages and take proactive steps to minimize downtime.

Salary £30,000+ based on experience. Please send your CV and info at jobs@ntaltd.co.uk

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